Suggested Gear for New Members


This information is outdated. Please do not make any special purchases for UFO HUM before talking to Ryan at rehearsal.


These are only suggestions; however, this list will let you know what you need to be looking for in equipment. Please feel free to go to a good music store and try out gear on you’re own if you’d like. We use built-in distortion effects on our amps for some classic rock tunes, but you can also buy a seperate distortion pedal if you find an amp you really like that doesn’t have it, or want to upgrade to a specific kind of distortion or fuzz (Ryan has some extra pedals for sale).


UFO HUM Members need mini-amps for most of our performances, so you’ll need a ukulele with a 1/4″ output or have one installed. Ryan’s favorite uke for live, amplified performance is a Godin Multiuke, but any ukulele with an instrument jack will work. If you you can’t afford to have a pickup installed in your existing uke, you might try the Red Dot or other stick-on pickups.

If you’re ukulele does not have a volume knob on it, you’ll need a pre-amplifier (as well as a 2nd shorter instrument cable):

Instrument Cables:

Here are a few mini-amps that members use or have been given a test drive by Ryan (the director):


If you plan to sing (and be heard), you’ll need a mic stand and cable to plug into the mixing board.

  • We have a set of group microphones that we use for live performance.
  • You will need your own xlr cable and mic stand.


  • Black music stand. A couple of us use the Manhasset Voyager, but there are many other stands out there on the market. Try to avoid the flimsy wire ones if possible (they’re cheaper, but they’re also flimsy and have a tendency to drop your music on the floor).
  • Black performance clothing.
  • Black bar stool (folding is easier to pack in the car – available at Walmart).
  • The group uses the Tune Tech TT-5 tuner so that we are more in tune with each other (it really does make a difference). Ryan can provide you with one of these at his cost for $5.

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